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Nicaragua Cup of Excellence 2010 – Winning Farms

Posted in coffee, coffee cupping, coffee roasting with tags , , , on May 5, 2010 by Chad

Last week marked the kickoff of the 2010 Cup of Excellence season, with the Nicaragua Cup of Excellence competition.  The International jury awarded the Cup of Excellence to twenty-seven lots, including eight lots achieving a CoE Presidential award for scoring higher than 90 points on the final day.  A fine showing for this event.

Full listing of the winning lots can be found here; I’ve also reproduced them below.

Lot # Farm Farmer Score
1 El Esfuerzo Norlan Daniel Matute Tercero 94.14
2 Monte Cristo Jaime José Molina Fiallos 91.45
3 Un Regalo de Dios Luis Alberto Balladares Moncada 91.31
4 Santa Guadalupe Jaime Rosales Pasquier 91.10
5 Los Altos Erwin Mierisch Buitrago 90.60
6 Los Congos José René Paguaga Midense 90.52
7 Monte Libano Carlos Emilio Maldonado Hernández 90.31
8 Las Flores Gonzalo Adán Castillo Moreno 90.26
9 Santa Isabel Hernán Rodríguez Valladares 89.76
10 Santa Elena Santos Filomena Gradiz Amaya 88.88
11 La Providencia Marlene Galo López 87.57
12 Los Jilgueros Henry Enmanuel Padilla Casco 87.50
13 La Bendición Misael Saucedo Olivera 87.19
14 La Pradera David Ariel Lovo Gutérrez 87.19
15 El Poste Erling Misael Montenegro López 87.14
16 El Recuerdo José Efrain Espinales Bautista 87.00
17 Castañuela Edgar Noel Gonzales Sauceda 86.98
18 El Progreso José Noel Talavera Arauz 86.95
19 La Esperanza Esperanza del Carmen Tercero Monca 86.83
20 Maria Miguel Angel Marinez Morazan 86.81
21 Santa Gema Mario José Vilchez Urbina 86.67
22 Los Jilgueros Manuel Armando Peralta Paguaga 86.38
23 San Antonio María Teresa Tercero Alfaro 86.31
24 La Buena Etancia Absalón Antonio González Arauz 85.62
25 Linda Vista Francisco González Avilez 85.45
26 La Carolina Andres Figueroa López 85.05
27 Bella Aurora Joaquín Agusto Lovo López 84.33

Nicaragua Cup of Excellence 2009 – Winning Farms

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The 2009 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence competition completed May 22.  This competition also heralded two major milestones–the 50th Cup of Excellence competition, and the 10th anniversary of the Cup of Excellence.  The stars came out for the international jury, including one of the CoE founders George Howell and Geoff Watts from Intelligentsia, and others whose combined total of CoE juries ranged close to two hundred.  The jury awarded the Cup of Excellence to twenty-six lots, including five lots achieving a CoE Presidential award for scoring higher than 90 points on the final day.  A fine showing for this special event.

Full listing of the winning lots can be found here (in Spanish); I’ve also reproduced them below.  Many thanks to Sarah Allen of Barista Magazine (also a Kick It Up for Coffee Kids contributor) for the regular blog updates and pictures from the event.  Geoff Watts and George Howell also contributed mid-week updates–thank you for taking time out to keep us onlookers informed.

UPDATE:  Cup of Excellence site now has the winning farms posted.

Lot Farm Farmer Score
1 La Esperanza Maria Amparo Castellano Paguaga 92.75
2 El Recuerdo Jose Efrain Espinales Bautista 91.83
3 Cima del Cielo Francisco Noel Zeledon Centeno 90.75
4 La Picona Olga Marina Gonzalez Cuadra 90.43
5 San Jose Ruperto Alidio Cornejo Salgado 90.30
6 Santa Maria de Lourdes Octavio Jose Peralta Paguaga 88.43
7 La Minita Inversiones Mierisch 88.08
8 La Carolina Andres Figueroa Lopez 87.68
9 San Antonio Bernardino Fortin Altamirano 87.38
10 Santa Gema Mario Jose Vilchez Urbina 86.53
11 Las Limas Donald Ramon Roque Blandino 86.47
12 Himalaya Mauricio Arturo Ortez Beltran 86.28
13 Las Colinas Eugenio de los Angeles Zeledon Vilchez 86.25
14 Buenos Aires Luis Emilio Valladarez 85.28
15 La Leona Luis Beltran Cornejo Barreda 85.22
16 Los Planes del Aguila Bayardo Jose Diaz Garmendia 85.19
17 La Guadalupana Napoleon Tercero Gomez 84.97
18 Coop. 15 de Septiembre Aristidez Miranda Blandon 84.86
19 Los Achiote Estela Marina Mendoza Sanders 84.69
20 Monte Cristo Jaime Jose Molina Fiallos 84.47
21 El Naranjo Dipilto Luis Emilio Valladarez 84.44
22 Los Cipreses Domingo de Jesus Herrera Ruiz 84.25
23 Las Nubes Noel Antonio Ruiz Ramos 84.19
24 Santa Fatima Jose Efrain Guillen Portillo 84.19
25 Cofradia Fabricio de Jesus Zeledon Lopez 84.17
26 Oro Verde Bismark Pastrana Perez 84.00

Cupping at Fresh Off the Roast

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Friday, I had the chance to stop by Joel’s soon-to-be-opened coffee shop, Fresh Off the Roast, in the Petworth neighborhood of DC.  Joel has been roasting his coffee for local customers has had stands for his brewed coffee at farmers markets and Sundays at Summer Delights in Takoma Park.  He wanted me to stop by so that we could cup some Nicaraguan samples he received directly from the farm.  One of the samples passed muster, a “zero defects” mix of screen sizes.  The coffee had balanced body and acidity and a deep and rich flavor profile with fruit, chocolate and molasses.  It finished clean with rich dark chocolate and spice and sweetened as it cooled.

As we were finishing up the flight of Nicaraguan coffees, Samuel Demisse from Keffa Coffee arrived to deliver four bags of his Ethiopian coffee, including a washed Yirgacheffe Koke and a pulp natural, or semi-washed Harrar Ayinage.  Samuel was in perfect time for a flight of Ethiopian coffee samples from Ninety Plus.  As soon as the first beans hit the grinder, the room filled with berries and jasmine.  The fragrance jumped off these coffees, and they both cupped well.  Samuel and I preferred the Beloya lot, with Joel dissenting and preferring the Aricha.  Both were excellent Natural process Yirgacheffe coffees.

We briefly discussed the ongoing situation with the new law mandating commoditized blended regional grading of all coffee lots (except for farm owners and coops) at the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange.  The main result of the law will be that differentiated lots from mill/washing station owners like Abdellah Bagersh and Samuel’s cousin Solomon Worku will be blended into generic graded regional lots, thus losing their provenance.  There are many variables on the ground in Ethiopia now, and we reached no conclusions.  Samuel said that much of the coffees from the private mills and stations have been held locally and not sent to Addis Ababa for trading.  Mill owners and many farmers seem to be holding out to see if there will be any exceptions to the law.

I’ve got more thoughts on this situation I’m trying to cobble together, which I’ll share in another post.

Thank you for hosting, Joel, and well met, Samuel.