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Donor Shout Out – Coffee Importers

Posted in coffee, home roasting with tags , , , , , , , on April 30, 2010 by Chad

Just a short post to thank several of the folks that have set up this year’s home roasters’ auction for Coffee Kids, Bids for Coffee Kids to succeed.

Many thanks to Andrew Miller, Anna Mrdutt, Tim O’Brien, and all the rest of the folks at Café Imports, who have donated a full 60kg bag of what I am told is one of, if not THE top Kenya AA Auction lot out of their latest container.  Kenya Their AA Auction Lot, with the following notes:

Structured, bright, key lime, chocolate, ruby red grapefruit, currant, juicy, balanced, citrus, grapefruit, stonefruit, clean, currant, raspberry, lemon.

Thank you, Café Imports!

Another round of thanks goes to Jaime Schoenhut, Richard Borg, Andrew Blyth, Camilo Yubank, and the rest of the folks at Royal Coffee New York.  These fine folks donated a full 69kg bag of El Salvador Cerro Las Ranas Pulp Natural.  Cupping notes for this coffee:

Sweet start followed by creamy, milk chocolate and cherry flavors, a fully-developed body and a lemony-orange finish

Thank you, Royal Coffee NY!

The last round of thanks goes to Leah Warren and the fine folks at the Mercanta USA office in Lynnwood, Washington.  These kind folks donated a full 69kg bag of Peru Organic El Guabo.  Cupping notes:

Intense notes of molasses, a very rounded syrupy mouthfeel and sugar cane sweetness, combined with a tartaric acidity.

Thank you, Mercanta!

Stay tuned to more shout outs to all the wonderful folks who have contribute d to this year’s auction.  Bidding begins tomorrow at 6:01 pm Central (US) time, over at our host the Green Coffee Buying Club (free registration required).