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Donor Shout Out – Round Two

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Another quick post to thank more of folks that have set up the this year’s home roasters’ auction for Coffee Kids, Bids for Coffee Kids for success.

Many thanks to Nelson Valverde of Invalsa Coffee, who donated  ten-pound lots of two different Cup of Excellence coffees and three microlots from Bolivia.  All of the Bolivian lots just arrived, and the CoE lots are from the 2009 Coe in Costa Rica and Guatemala.  All lots were vacuum packed in the country of origin.  Thank you, Invalsa!

Many thanks to Craig Holt, Karen KasKaren Kazmierczak, and the rest of the folks at Atlas Coffee Importers, who donated two separate lots to the auction: 10 lbs. of El Salvador Los Pirineos Pacamara and 15 lbs. of Brazil Samambia Peaberry Yellow Bourbon Pulp Natural.  Thank you, Atlas!

Many thanks to Connie Blumhardt, Kelly Stewert, and the rest of the folks at Roast Magazine.  Connie has contributed two one-year subscriptions to Roast, as well as two full sets of back issues.  Thank you Roast Magazine!

Many thanks to Jeff Woods, Paul Balmer, and the rest of the folks at Dillanos Coffee Roasters, who have donated another graphic design project like last year.  Last year’s winner is more than happy with the result, which you can see at the top of the page.  Dillanos’ graphic designers are wonderful to work with, and can easily translate your vision and mission into a logo that pops.  Thank you Dillanos!

Stay tuned to more shout outs to all the wonderful folks who have contribute d to this year’s auction.  Bidding on the month-long lots will be open until May 29th, and bidding on Week One lots will continue until 6:00 pm Central (US) on Saturday May 8th.  Week Two lots will open at 6:01 pm Central (US), Saturday May 8th, over at our host the Green Coffee Buying Club (free registration required).

Bolivia Cup of Excellence 2009 – Winning Farms

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The 2009 Bolivia Cup of Excellence competition completed October 9.  This competition was the next to last on the calendar for this year, with the Brazil competition to complete the season in November.  The international jury, led by Sherri Johns, awarded the Cup of Excellence to thirty lots, including seven lots achieving a CoE Presidential award for scoring higher than 90 points on the final day.  A fine showing for Bolivia, which in the words of a good friend, are “a food group all their own.”

The winning farm listing can also be found on the Cup of Excellence site.

Lot Farm Farmer Score
1 Agrotakesi SA Mauricio Ramiro Diez de Medina 93.36
2 Café Sima del Jaguar A Braulio Luque Yana 92.05
3 Café Monterrey Valentin Choquehuanca Aduviri 91.62
4 Café Jacaranda Elias Choconapi Chino 91.38
5 Café Alan Coffe Luis Yujra Arismende 90.90
6 Café Central Luis Huayhua Chiji 90.71
7 Café Mondono Carmelo Mamani Titirico 90.17
8 Café Palmeiras 3 Mario Mamani Machaca 89.12
9 Café Origen Damian Huanca Flores 87.95
10 Café Gelen Ayda Titirico Hilari 87.52
11 Café COACS Ltda. Aurelio Eugenia Condori Mamani 86.62
12 Café Kantuta Rosendo Quispe Tintaya 86.33
13 Café Cooperativa San Ignacio II Anacleto Uluri Luque 86.26
14 Café Primavera II Agustina Machaca Quispe 86.12
15 Café Cooperativa San Ignacio V Juan Coaquira Mamani 85.81
16 Café Wara Wara III Lucila Isidora Quispe de Quispe 85.60
17 Café Frente a Illimani II Santusa Lucana de Mamani 85.57
18 Café Flor de Mayo Pedro Castro Conurana 85.24
19 Café Golondrina Celso David Mayta Quispe 85.24
20 Café Picaflor Valentina Flores de M. 85.21
21 Café Alto Asuncion Eleuteria Villca Salvador 85.17
22 Café Rio Cumbre de la Selva Gabriel Chura Uluri 85.14
23 Café Primavera Victor Quispe Mamani 85.00
24 Café Oro Teodocia Castro Conurana 84.95
25 Café El Sombral Damian W. Condori Poma 84.81
26 Café Rudi Franklin Cahuapaza Ticona 84.69
27 Café Flor de Mayo I Felipe Sacaca Diaz 84.60
28 Café Sofia Sofia Quisbert Castillo 84.33
29 Café Flor Rosa Martha Ojeda Mamani 84.33
30 Café Flor de B Sebastian Olori Huanca 84.21