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Donor Shout Out – Round Two

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Another quick post to thank more of folks that have set up the this year’s home roasters’ auction for Coffee Kids, Bids for Coffee Kids for success.

Many thanks to Nelson Valverde of Invalsa Coffee, who donated  ten-pound lots of two different Cup of Excellence coffees and three microlots from Bolivia.  All of the Bolivian lots just arrived, and the CoE lots are from the 2009 Coe in Costa Rica and Guatemala.  All lots were vacuum packed in the country of origin.  Thank you, Invalsa!

Many thanks to Craig Holt, Karen KasKaren Kazmierczak, and the rest of the folks at Atlas Coffee Importers, who donated two separate lots to the auction: 10 lbs. of El Salvador Los Pirineos Pacamara and 15 lbs. of Brazil Samambia Peaberry Yellow Bourbon Pulp Natural.  Thank you, Atlas!

Many thanks to Connie Blumhardt, Kelly Stewert, and the rest of the folks at Roast Magazine.  Connie has contributed two one-year subscriptions to Roast, as well as two full sets of back issues.  Thank you Roast Magazine!

Many thanks to Jeff Woods, Paul Balmer, and the rest of the folks at Dillanos Coffee Roasters, who have donated another graphic design project like last year.  Last year’s winner is more than happy with the result, which you can see at the top of the page.  Dillanos’ graphic designers are wonderful to work with, and can easily translate your vision and mission into a logo that pops.  Thank you Dillanos!

Stay tuned to more shout outs to all the wonderful folks who have contribute d to this year’s auction.  Bidding on the month-long lots will be open until May 29th, and bidding on Week One lots will continue until 6:00 pm Central (US) on Saturday May 8th.  Week Two lots will open at 6:01 pm Central (US), Saturday May 8th, over at our host the Green Coffee Buying Club (free registration required).

Grounds for Health Auction

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A few friends and a green bean supplier (thanks Nicole) turned me on to an organization called Grounds for Health, another excellent charity organization formed by folks in the specialty coffee industry.

Here’s a summary of their mission:

Grounds for Health works to create sustainable, effective cancer screening programs in coffee-producing regions. We collaborate with regional coffee unions, community members and in-country healthcare professionals to increase awareness about cervical cancer and improve existing cancer prevention systems.

Some more useful information:

Cervical cancer in Latin America: Why we should care.

  • Cervical cancer is the number-one cause of cancer deaths in women in Latin America.
  • Cervical cancer is almost always fatal if it is not detected and treated.
  • Cervical cancer kills women in their prime, devastating their families and communities.
  • Cervical cancer is easily prevented with early screening and treatment.

In November of last year, Grounds for Health announced that they would be holding a specialty coffee auction in 2009.  The intent was to seek green coffee donations from green coffee producers and importers for coffee donations, and then to auction off the lots similar to other specialty coffee auctions like the Best of Panama and Cup of Excellence auctions, with all proceeds going directly to Grounds for Health.

In early 2009, Grounds for Health announced that in addition to the main auction scheduled for June 2, they would hold an early harvest auction in April.  Today was the auction.  Here are the results.

That’s THREE lots we managed to win–sure, they’re only one bag each, but we’re proud to contribute something to this cause, and have some excellent coffee to show for it.  Our main target was the Colombian Huila San Jose de Isnos , which received excellent reviews from the four cuppers supplying coffee reviews to the auction.  Cuppers included Thompson Owen from Sweet Maria’s (who picked up the other four bags of the Colombia lot we won) and Robert Fulmer from Royal Coffee (an auction sponser and host for the early auction lots).  The other two lots we won were a Kenya Ruira Peaberry auction lot (I’ve cupped some excellent lots from this estate) and a Sumatra Grade 1 Aceh Pantan Lues donated by the good folks at Atlas Coffee.

Today’s auction generated a total of just over $22.000!  We’re looking forward to sharing these coffees with other home roasters, and sharing our contribution to coffee growing communities.  Our small way of thanking those who make our daily epiphanies possible.