Bids for Coffee Kids

Welcome to Bids for Coffee Kids.  Our mission is to hold an annual auction for Coffee Kids, a charity focused on helping coffee farming families and improving their quality of life.

This year’s auction builds on an effort we helped organize last year over at   Last year’s month-long auction raised over $5,600 for Coffee Kids.  We hope to better that total this year.

Throughout the month of May 2010, we will conduct auctions on a wide variety of items, most of which were donated by the specialty coffee industry.  We have been overwhelmed by the generosity and ethusiasm with which the coffee community has greeted our efforts.  The auction includes assortments of top-quality green coffee, magazine subscriptions, grinders, brewers, roasters and much, much more, with all proceeds going directly to Coffee Kids.

The fine folks over at the Green Coffee Buying Club have graciously agreed to host our auction.  Stay tuned here for news about the items, and links to the auction listings and bidding forums.  Please note that you will need to register at GCBC to view or to participate in the auction.

Coffee Kids® Grounds for Hope was born out of the specialty coffee industry by Bill Fishbein in  1988. Coffee Kids® has distributed over $4 million dollars in funds “to help coffee-farming families improve the quality of their lives.” With four distinct areas of focus, Latin American countries have realized improvements in healthcare, education for children, community-based projects and micro-credit consisting of $50 – $100 loans that have enabled over 4,000 women to own their own businesses and support their families.

4 Responses to “Bids for Coffee Kids”

  1. michael pollack Says:

    i would like to donate 10lbs of esmeralda for the auction
    this is from bag i won during the grounds for health auction

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