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New Coffee Arrivals

Posted in coffee with tags , on October 17, 2008 by Chad

We’ve added four new coffees to our selection, all available Friday, October 17.

Sumatra Mandheling DP Harimau Tiger – a deep, full-flavored, thick Sumatra with chocolate, clean earth, spice and butterscotch notes.

Ethiopia Natural Sidamo – Dale – Exceptionally complex dry-processed coffee with chocolate, apricot, berry, citrus and malt notes.  The chocolate in this cup morphs from a dark baker’s chocolate when hot to a sweeter semi-sweet chocolate chip with more pronounced fruit as it cools.

Colombia Seasonal Select Supremo 18+ Spectacled Bear – Classic, Colombian cup with dark fruits, caramel sweetness, hints of smoke and a clean, lingering finish.

Guatemala Cloudforest Coban – Overflowing with rich and deep flavors–cocoa, molasses, semi-sweet chocolate and a hint of smoke.  A balanced, complex, and complete cup.

Hoist the Colors!

Posted in coffee with tags , on October 2, 2008 by Chad

After much toil, today I’ve lauched an online green coffee business, No Quarter Coffee.  The business is born out of my passion for coffee, of course, but also out of my passions for exploration and for creation.  I’ve loved coffee for as long as I can remember, but what’s sealed the deal over the past year has been the art of roasting, brewing, and now sourcing coffee.  Every part of finding and selecting coffees to share reminds me of how life is a journey.  I am reminded of the journey these beans have made, the hands that have touched them, and the joy they will bring in the cup.

Our featured products for the launch include to Cup of Excellence coffees from El Salvador, and a unique coffee from Uganda by Taylor Mork and Jakob Elster at Crop to Cup.  Crop to Cup reminds me of all those things that are right in specialty coffee.  They have built relationships with the farmers and community, and the farmers get a 5% of every dollar spent on Crop to Cup coffee, 10% of the companies profits, and prices 20% above market value.  All that, and the coffee is splendid.  Please stop by, pick up a pound or two, or send us a note about what you like and don’t like.  We’ll be adding more products and site over the next month.  I hope to help share my discoveries with you, and to provide you unparalleled service.