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Down the Rabbit Hole Again – Espresso

Posted in coffee with tags , , on May 18, 2008 by Chad

I’ve been a coffee nut in training for over a decade, and as I’ve written before, the depth of my coffee obsession passion for the bean has taken off in the last six months.

If you have spent any time perusing specialty coffee sites, you may have noticed that the much of the discussion revolves around espresso in its various forms and the baristas who prepare espresso and espresso based drinks.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that while I have entered a freefall down the rabbit hole of specialty coffee, my depth is measured in months rather than years. In no area is that more clear than the world of espresso.

Right before leaving for my latest vacation in the Bahamas, our resident equipment recyclers at the Green Coffee Buying Club made an offer I couldn’t refuse–a refurbished Solis SL-90. Chris timed the shipment to arrive the day I returned from the Bahamas. Down the rabbit hole again.

Here is one of the first shots in action

Every time I pull a shot or foam some milk, I am reminded that while I can produce tasty shots and drinks now, I have just scratched the surface of all there is to learn. Now to find or create a bottomless portafilter…

Island Coffee

Posted in coffee with tags , , on May 18, 2008 by Chad

I know what you’re thinking. Mention “Island Coffee”, and thoughts of Kona and Jamaica come to mind. My recent island coffee experience differed slightly.

First, meet the preferred trio of the traveling coffee nut connoisseur:

My carry-on bag was loaded down with the upper half of a Bodum double-wall pourover, a knee mill Zassenhaus grinder, and 4 pounds of coffee packed in vacuum bags–all roasted within three days of leaving home, of course.

The view for most of my cups while on Grand Bahama Island looked something like this

And this

Though the pourover is not my favorite extraction method (I just couldn’t convince my wife that packing the Yama Vacuum pot was a good idea) there is clearly something about the location that overcame such a minor nuisance. Now, how to pack an espresso machine…